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Floory is the intelligence robot of the brand Florwash which can sweep, vacuum and wash just pressing a button.

Floory was designed thinking of customer and his home. It has a dual function: simply by changing the tank, you can sweep and vacuum the debris with a deep mechanical cleaning or wash the floor by his microfibre cloth. Its operations are very simple.
It can be started via the robot itself, by its remote-control or the dedicated App. In particular, you can connect your smartphone to the machine and set, at any time and place you prefer, the desired cleaning function.
Thanks to its special brushes it manages to reaching of the most difficult corners and the wall edge. Even the carpets will no longer be a problem. The brushes automatically adapt their height to be in constant contact with the different surfaces and clean effectively.
Floory is suitable for any type of floor. It is only 7 cm tall and goes easly under beds, furniture and bathroom fornitures both when sweeping and washing. When the battery get low, Floory will automatically turn off and return to his charging station. It has a range of more than 100 minutes.


Ficha técnica

Diameter 330mm
Height 76mm
Weight 2,7 Kg empty
Battery power 14,4 V – 2500mah
Robot power 14,4 V – 28 W
Recharge automatic - manual
Type of cleaning automatic - single room - single point- corner - cleaning
Battery duration 5 hours
Sound pressure level 54 db (A)
Tank capacity 600ml
Washing tank capacity 350ml
Autonomy over than 100 minutes
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