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F25 Floor Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner Azzurra

The true power of clean

Azzurra is the premier vacuum cleaner Powerful suction with a 750-W energy-efficient motor. Ideal for domestic use on traditional surfaces like ceramic, stoneware and parquet flooring.
Azzurra is so practical that it can be used with ease in traditionally more inaccessible areas like bathrooms or under beds.
Technical specifications
F25 Floor Cleaner
  • Surfaces Up to 200 m2/h
  • Certifications IMQ and CE
  • Motor 750 w
  • Depression 1850 mm/H2O
  • Air flow rate 42 l/sec
  • Full bag indicator Yes
  • Cable 6 m
  • Weight with brush 4 kg
Azzurra electric sweeper accessories
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