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Floor cleaner DS2

Floor cleaner DS2

Small, light and handy for quick drying of small spaces

An extremely light and easy to handle floor cleaner which at the same time guarantees ultra-fast drying thanks to the innovative Double System. Perfect for quickly cleaning small or cluttered private and professional environments.
Lightness and practicality for quick and effective cleaning

Lightness and practicality for quick and effective cleaning

  • Rapid
  • Lightweight and ultra compact
  • Brushless engine with artificial intelligence
  • Energy saving and consumption control
  • Reduced times of use
Li-ion battery to never stop

Li-ion battery to never stop

The battery with rechargeable lithium-ion technology guarantees 1 hour of autonomy of continuous operation. A high performance product with reduced consumption and energy savings.
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Fiche technique
Floor cleaner DS2
  • Hauteur corps machine 1160 mm
  • Largeur corps machine 285 mm
  • Longueur corps machine 540 mm
  • Brosse avant Ø 88,5 mm 700 Rpm
  • Brosse arrière Ø 54 mm 1140 Rpm
  • Largeur de travail 235 mm
  • Capacité de travail 400 mq/h
  • Typologie moteur Motore Brushless
  • Puissance moteur 580 Watt
  • Alimentation moteur 36 V DC
  • Capacité totale réservoir 3 L
  • Capacité bac de récupération 1 L
  • Pois totale (vide) 12,9 Kg
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DS2 Floorwash accessories
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