Namco 1000 Floor Cleaner

Ultimate cleaning power inside and outside

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Namco 1000 Floor Cleaner

The new Floorwash Floor cleaner lets you clean like never before

Thanks to its innovative and modern design, the Namco Floorwash 1000 floor cleaner has been developed to exploit the entire cleaning surface, guaranteeing incredible results in a single sweep, even when faced with stubborn dirt or difficult-to-reach areas. Cleans 30 different floor types including grouted tile, carpet, concrete, rubberized floors, hardwood, ceramic, marble, vinyl, escalators and more.


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Technical specifications

Cleaning Path 9"
Solution Tank 1 gallon
Recovery Capacity 0.26 gallons
Brush Speed 780 RPM
Brush Motor 1,000W / 1.3 HP
Power Cord 35 ft.
Weight 22 lbs.
Working Capacity (sq.ft/hr) 2,150

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